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Industrial Ducting

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Westside Fabrications provide a range of industrial ducting and services

Manufacture • Maintenance & Cleaning • Health & Safety Audit Reports • Fire Risk Assessment

The food preparation industry is required by law to comply with the following UK Health and Safety regulations and guidelines.


Keeping your ducting clean will eliminate the risk of fats and oil residue igniting within the ducting. The first industrial clean will remove all the residue from years of use. Afterwards all that will be required is an annual clean to keep the ducting safe, clean and free from potential fire hazard.

Westside Fabrications Ltd have one team who can complete two jobs: Our skilled engineers have the knowledge and experience to assess the ducting. Once removed the same team use the required specialist kit to clean the ducting. On completion of the cleaning we then reinstall. Our specialised kit removes grease, fat and hardened crumb, and even in extreme cases we have not experienced any problems. This gives Westside Fabrications the ability to control the task given meaning smooth and efficient management.

Complete Service

We are by trade maintenance and welding fabricator engineers who have vast experience within the food industry. Due to the requirements of ducting cleaning we have diversified to cleaning of industrial ducting. Through development with an appropriate chemical company we now provide a service of removing complete ducting extraction systems, chemically clean and reinstall. We do not do access hatch fire breaks, we remove the ducting to an outside area and clean fully. ONE PRICE ONE TEAM: Westside Fabrications will be able to accommodate all necessary cleaning programmes

Fire Risk Assessments

A Fire Risk Assessment will be complied and issued after the initial inspection of the ducting. This report will establish your cleaning requirements.

Health and Safety Audit Reports

We will access your ducting through an inspection process either by photographic evidence or camera survey. When ducting is being removed a step by step photographic report is taken showing the extent of the residual product build-up within the ducting. This process is continued to show the ducting after cleaning. All the information is then complied into a full written report giving dates, condition of ducting and follow on recommendations. All photographs are supplied on a CD with the Health and Safety Audit Report.

Annual Cleaning Scheduling

A comprehensive schedule report is issued to our clients. This report will contain our recommended cleaning program determined by production usage. This document can be used for insurance purposes as evidence of having followed the correct procedures appropriate for your industry.

Industrial ducting cleaning
industrial duct cleaning
industrial ducting annual cleaning and health and safety compliance
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