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metal fabrication forprofessional kitchens: metal work tops, pizza ovens and shop counters
bespoke metal staircases
Metal fabrication ducting and manufacture and duct pipe maintenance

Residential and bespoke services

Stainless Steel metal fabrication Metal handrails manufactured by Westside Fabrications Ltd.  Monmouth and Hereford Metal kennels and cages individually designed and manufactured by Westside Fabrications bespoke metal fabrication design and manufacture
Glass and metal balconies and balcony designs by Westside Fabrications Ltd.  Herefordshire, UKBespoke metal and glass balcony design and manufacturers.  Westside Fabrications Ltd Herefordshire Juliet balconies.  Bespoke balcony in metal and glass manufactured by Westside Fabrications Ltd Curved handrail designed and manufactured by Westside Fabrications Ltd.  Monmouth and Hereford Metal staircases.  Bespoke designs and manufacture by Westside Fabrications Ltd Bespoke cages - Westside Fabrications Ltd, Herefordshire and Monmouthshire Commercial kitchen worktops and pizza oven Bespoke metal garden table Bespoke metal garden table
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Balconies and Staircases

Westside Fabrications Ltd manufacture and fit internal and external metal staircases, balconies and handrails in a range of materials including Stainless Steel and Mild Steel. Glass panelled balconies can be manufactured and fitted and coated in a range of colours. Designs can include simple or individually created spindles.


From a simple design to give extra mobility and safety around your home and garden to a bespoke stair banister showing as a feature within your home.


Kennels for dogs and other animals provide a secure area for your family pet to feel safe when you are not at home or need to separate them from the garden. Made to suit the size of your pet with roof and optional finishes.

Bespoke designs

We have produced bespoke fabricated metal products for a wide range of domestic, industrial and commercial applications including kitchen fittings, internal and external staircases, safety rails, garden furniture and features. We can work closely with our clients to create designs which are both aesthetic, functional and, where required, compliant with specific building regulations. Our clients include architects, builders, shop fitters and private home owners. If you have a design idea in mind why not give us a call and find out more about our bespoke services?

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